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First of all, THANK YOU all for your support! I couldn't have gotten this far without your help. 

You have watched my videos, supported me, and supported this project.


We have reached millions of people together through YouTube, and hundreds of people through this website. I'd love to reach even more, and hear more transformational stories. 


My wife and I are expecting a child in March of 2016, and with that come more expenses. I will do my best to develop Fortress into a great community of health and fitness, but if finances ever set a limit for me, I'll go back to working as a local personal trainer and I'll have to put it on hold.

However, your donations can prevent that from happening and there will be more and more content being produced. I have started posting videos consistently starting Oct 5th, and I hope to increase my efficiency week after week :) 


Thank you,

May God bless you! 

Paul R.