Since many of my followers are requesting for personal training advice, I decided to offer this as a new service on my website! I have already helped a lot of people out with their health challenges through Skype.

I can help you with

Pavel Rudometkin Fortress Skype personal training session'I am looking forward to meet you in a personal Skype session!'
  • Weight loss
  • Gaining muscle
  • Getting leaner
  • Increasing strength
  • Progressing skills/tricks (like planche training, pull up training)
  • Getting a 'six pack'
  • Creating a personal diet or nutrition plan
  • Creating a personal training routine

I will be your personal trainer!

I will guide you and help you with your fitness challenges! During our Skype calls you can ask me anything fitness related. Also we will fully focus on your personal situation, physique, problems, challenges, etc.

What do you get?

Training modulesPriceEnable
Personal Skype Call
60 minutes
$ 69.47
Personal Nutrition Plan
worked out sheet
$ 10.00
Skype Checkup
after about 4 months, 60 minutes
$ 30.00

YES, I want personal training!
PayPal checkout: $69.47