Call me Paul. I was born in Russia, Siberia, in the city of Krasnokamensk. At 9 years old I moved to the United States and became interested in video games, neglecting my physical health. When I met my uncle, a few years later, he showed me a few moves on the pullup bar which perpetuated a change in my view of health.

Since 15 years old I have been training with my own bodyweight on the bars, and my many experiments, studies, experiences, and progress led me to a successful fitness program that fits people of all types. It has been implemented in various summer bootcamps and fitness programs.

My experience, in combination with accumulated knowledge through studies of human mechanics, anatomy and physiology is now brought to you in a complete program, which you may freely implement and reap its benefits. I'm currently majoring in Kinesiology.

Have you ever experienced a loss of motivation, leading you to quit your workouts?
Have you ever lacked the time or equipment for working out?
How many times have you searched for plans, not knowing which one to stick to?


Solving these 3 biggest problems...

Fortress 2 month workout program

The video program "A Launch to Health" is accessible and implementable for absolutely any person.
  • Our program is unique in this respect. You will have your own, personal, interactive trainer, having a 100% guarantee of results without injuries.
  • Its different approach will not only motivate you, overcoming laziness, but it will give you a clear vision towards results.
  • Our program saves you time and money. By obtaining "A Launch to Health" we have solved 3 main problems people are faced with:

You will receive a complete 2 MONTH training plan!

fitness program overview

In the first 2 sections you will find a thorough explanation of the workout plan.

Tricks - this section will show you various bodyweight moves that you may train for, a total of 32! In the section Core Training you will find a complete set of exercises for all the core muscles with varying difficulty levels. In the Upper Body section, you'll find the upper body workout plan and Lower Body, you guessed it, the lower body. The Conclusion contains additional advice and guidelines.

Don't like working out alone? Problem solved! This program allows you to workout with your whole family, children, and wife - it is designed for all ages, guarantees results, no matter where your fitness is currently.


The program is a program you can follow along anytime and anywhere! You can watch the video's on your pc, on your laptop, tablet or on your mobile phone! The course is always available online to stream! (please note that you will not get a DVD copy of the videos)

Video contents
Over 77 minutes of video devided and structured in shorter workout routines matching the training scedule!
  • Introduction
  • Follow along program (full week routine for tricks, core, upper body, lower body and conclusion)
  • Tricks (over 30 instruction videos for tricks)
    (like pullup variations, pushup variations, handstand exercises and other like dragon fly, back lever, wall push-ups, Aztec pushups, straddle planche push-ups and many more!)
Training schedule (download)
Exercise list (download)
Video BONUS content
  • Nutrition (introduction to balanced nutrition)

A Few Pictures From the Program

impressions of the workout

You will receive a nutrition bonus video!

Fortress workout program


Fortress nutrition video


Latest reviews

Emma - 03-14-2016
Verified review

Genuinely speaking, I was apprehensive in starting the programme for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I did not want to lose any weight, my goal was to gain strength and endurance. Secondly, I felt the workouts/exercises was targeted towards men more than it was towards women. But, nonetheless, I still purchased the programme, and I honestly have to say in the end it was worth every pound spent! My initial reaction to seeing the time table and the exercise list, was- no way will I be able to do this; being a petite size woman, I’ve always lacked the upper body strength- often finding it difficult to do modified push-ups. I felt that I would need to adapt the programme to suit my capabilities, and I was relieved the programme allowed room for improvisation. The training sessions themselves were simple to follow and straight to point. Overall, I have definitely seen an improvement, not only aesthetically, but in strength, endurance as well as in general health. I would definitely recommend the programme- to women as well.

Terrence Bookwalter II - 03-05-2016
Verified review

Most of my life I have been overweight. As a result I did not have much of a social life in high school or after. My diet was poor. I drank pop and ate sugary foods every day. I would eat a whole large pizza with extra cheese and topping by myself. At buffet, I would eat until I was about to get sick. And no exercise whatsoever. One day, I decided it was time to make a change. So I consulted a bariatric surgeon and my insurance company approved a sleeve gastronomy since I was so morbidly obese and did not smoke or drink, I was also lucky that I did not suffer from diabetes or high blood pressure. Anyway in September, I had my initial weigh in of 480 pounds. I was shocked and horrified that I was that heavy. I was told that I had to see a nutritionist once a month for 12 months and have lost weight between each visit and have lost at least 24 pounds. During this time, I began to exercise, primarily an exercise bike, cardioglide, and some strength training. I began to eat healthier and wean myself off pop. By the time I was sleeved on 12/9/15, I had lost nearly 80 pounds. At my last follow up appointment which was in January, I weighed 359 pounds. Now, I have not be able to weigh myself since because I don't have a scale that goes that high, but I know that I have lost even more. I am amazed with myself for losing over 120 pounds since I began my weight loss journey. I have more energy. I feel better about myself. I have not had one drop of pop since my surgery, though I still crave it at times which is becoming less and less. Nor have I had a sugary snack. My meals consist of high protein, low carbs food. I eat 5-6 times a day with 4 oz portions each meal. For a meal, I have tuna, salmon, chicken breast, turkey, or some other seafood, I have eliminated red meat from my diet. When I make a meatloaf or chili, I use lean ground turkey instead of beef, which I find to be tastier. For a snack, I will have fruit, sugar free applesauce, sugar free puddings, or sugar free Jell-0. I try not eat anything that has more than 5 grams of sugar per serving unless it has a lot of protein. Take it from he, adapting to a healthy lifestyle is not easy, but it is not hard either. If someone like me who spend over 30 years eating poorly can do it, anybody can. My journey to achieve my goal weight is not over, but I look forward to the end results. I also that maintaining my ideal weight and staying healthy is a lifelong plan and I am very confident that I can do it. So, to everyone one who reads this, there is hope for anyone to have a healthy lifestyle. Pavel can help you do it. For the younger crowd, I am sure he can help you have that healthy life so you don't end up as heavy as I am and require surgery. Maintaining a healthy and fit lifestyle is not just about looking good or having a six pack, it is about living. It's as simple as that.

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