Touchy topic, huh?! Well ya needed to hear it!
Hear the whole thing out before commenting!

  • "Video games make money" - so does the pr_n industry and drug cartels.
  • "Video games make me happy, it's a hobby" - drugs also make people happy, and they do it as a hobby. Some happiness producing things are better than others, make a card for your parents and see how much happier that makes you.
  • "I bond with friends" - go and plan a community benefitting event or just a together project, it would be so awesome and you'll have a lifetime of memories to remember! You'll have 100% more teamwork too.
  • "Satisfaction overweighs frustration" - That's because you get a false sense of accomplishment (when in reality you made nothing in the tangible world).  


What a name for a video, isn't it?
I hope it will shed some light on the subject of sex and losing your virginity. Share this video with your friends!

PS the cocky remark I made was a joke. 

Building muscle, looking big, bikini body, or plain and simple bodybuilding are all a modern trend that actually HINDERS your health. People sacrifice health for looks, and that's wrong. Share this video to show them the dangers of it!

In this video I explain that fitness is a mindset and how you can apply it in your everyday life. Also I explain how workouts are a fabrication (not the real thing). They are imitating physical labor that we as human beings require from our work, but since we have become industrialized, we lost that benefit, which is why there is so much disease in the world. Imitating that through workouts isn't bad, but it isn't the true way. Just some thoughts to chew on.

You MUST make the salad in this video! I like it the best of any salad. Also, if you enjoy dogs or puppies, you might like this video. Brief pregnancy update and a PushUp maxout in this video.  

Thank you for all your support so far! In this video I help a guy named Paul learn the handstand, and we do a few other exercises as a workout. Love also does a face mask for me, and I do a puppy update! Some cooking as well.