Are you being deceived?

The Europeans believed that there was a mythical place in South America of immense wealth, where its king would cover himself in gold dust. This place was referred to as “El Dorado” or “The Golden One” and its existence, although mythical, resulted in a real quest by many Conquistadors. I am convinced, that when it comes to fitness, 6-pack abs is its equivalent. We have all seen 6-pack abs on the cover of fitness magazines and advertisement of fitness products. Big biceps, defined chest and calves are not enough if not accompanied by the mythical 6-pack abs. But are 6-pack abs necessary? Why are they so hard to get? How can we get them?

If you step into a gym, chances are that you would see people carrying bottles with different colored drinks. They are likely pre-workout drinks, which are loaded with stimulants, amino acids or nitric oxide boosters. For the most part, these drinks attempt to make us do “one more set” or give us temporary increases in vascularity to look “pumped” in the mirror. But what if nature provided us with the perfect pre-workout drink? One that is full of health benefits and not short-term gains.