Lots of stuff in this vlog! Rescuing a puppy, attempting another 2min pullup (with better results), trying to do 100 pullups in 10min, going for a walk with Love, and other misc stuff.


Vlog 5! A little workout, some details on how shirts are sent, and a quick food shopping tip. I think you'll enjoy! :)


Another Vlog! Tell me below what you would like to see next! Here I attempt to do a 2 minute pullup, I do a few pistol squats on a horizontal bar, we talk about barefoot running, I film how I make my dinner, and give a small update on our baby :)

I hope you like it!|

I hope you like today's! We did lower and upper body today (Legs and Chest), plus I made a little 3 min video at the end of a protein shake I drink. I was missing ice cream, but it was good enough :) 

Seems to me you guys liked this series, so here comes another video :). In this video you can see a little bit of everything: Front Lever progressions; a few tips on doing the pullover without touching the bar, and attempts at swinging technique and regrabbing (and developing calluses/blisters). I also shared a tad bit about Christianity.  

You guys have been requesting a vlog for a while now. Here's a workout vlog. Depending on the feedback I'll decide whether I want to keep doing these or not :)

I did things like a pullover without touching the bar, some one arm pullups, planche training techniques, and other cool things in the video.

Let me know!
Wish you the best!

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