This question is common amongst people new to fitness, or those getting introduced to biology and working out. I answer it here so you would know :) Muscle does NOT turn into fat, here's why!


Like the title says, this workout is very effective for abs. In fact, I was sore for two days after doing this. It is great to do ladder workouts with a friend, but if you don't have a friend, then just time your rests to keep them under 30seconds.


Just like the title says - the video is on the exact reason why you're bored and how to never be bored.


Should you do it? What are the benefits?
Less calories go in. Great for losing weight.

PS If you're still not losing enough, make the eating window SMALLER. (6 hour window instead of 8 hour window, for ex.)

If you were waiting for a blue pill, sorry to disappoint. The red pill disillusions and sets you free.