Author: Paul

Girls are almost nude in commercials, advertisements, websites, pictures, and even selfies. STOP SELLING YOUR BODY. Do you not know people absolutely don't care about YOU when they are looking at you half nude? They don't care about your personality, your character, or most of all, your soul. You're an icon for their lust. They look at you to entertain themselves or think about all the dirty things they can do with you. Why would you give them a way to do this? Why?

Why do you take selfies to try and add curves to your body? Why do you stick your butt out during a picture or wear a size smaller bra to intentionally perk up your boobs? Why do you wear tight jeans and a short top to highlight your looks? Do you not know you are feeding this agenda? You are FURTHER objectifying yourself and making people care about you LESS and care about your body MORE.

Christian girls, do you do this when you go to church? Why? Why not hide your body and attract people with your SOUL? With Christ who lives in you? Your joy and your sincerity. Your open heartedness and your charity. Your inner beauty and your faith? Why not? Do you not have it? Do you not know that you are attracting all the WRONG attention with your body? A guy who is there because of how you LOOK can care less about who you are. A guy who loves you because of who YOU are, does NOT care how big your boobs are and how much you can imitate a cinnamon twist.

Don't degrade yourself. Have integrity. Don't reinforce this idea and image. Resist it like you would resist someone telling you to lie or steal. Say "NO, I'm not doing that!" because you have a soul. Attract attention to your soul and to Christ who lives within you!

And if what I said doesn't apply to you, great! Tell others to follow your example!

May God bless you!
Pavel Rudometkin