Author: Paul

"All around are familiar faces,

worn out places, worn out faces.

Bright and early for the daily races,

going nowhere, going nowhere..."*


"The big wheel keeps on turning

On a simple line day by day

The earth spins on its axis

One man struggles while another relaxes”**


"I traveled the world and the seven seas.

Everybody's looking for something.”***


This world will keep you running in circles, as some of the famous song lyrics perfectly put it into words. Everyone’s searching for something, going through the same motions, never finding the perfect satisfaction they’re looking for. “Vanity, all is vanity,” wrote Solomon.

Turn to Jesus, my friend, you’ll find fulfillment there, I promise (He promised). Surrendering our heart to Him completely satisfies us, because we entrust our life into the One who made the world, who made us, and who holds it all in His hand. Into the Hands of Him who wants what’s best, and expressed His love for us by dying on the cross for our sin, giving us complete freedom from this world, and making us citizens of the Heavenly Kingdom, as a complete, free gift, the price of which He paid.

That is the only place you will find peace. That is the only place you’ll find sense. That is the only place you will find unceasing joy

Be blessed, my friend.
In Christ,


1. Mad World by Gary Jules
2. Hymn of the Big Wheel by Massive Attack
3. Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This by Eurythmics