Author: Paul

Sport, fitness, exercise, health, goals, accomplishments - really?

Have we really leveled down so much that we spend hours upon hours performing these ridiculous motions, and neglecting the most important?

Is it really all about “success”, or “fitness”, or “reaching your goals”? Where is Christ? I often look back at this whole “Fortress” movement I started with scorn. I only wanted to help… I didn’t want to have people obsessed over these earthly things, over the body (that’s just a little thing on the side, it’s not that important… really!)

We’ve got some 70-80 years in this life, many will have much less, and only a few will live more - and what then? We all die. The youngsters think they have their whole life ahead of them, and I’m one of those youngsters, but I see it passing by in the blink of an eye. Talk to any elderly person, someone in their eighties, nineties, and they will tell you that on the inside, they are still a 25 year old in search of adventure, unable to perceive how life flew by so quickly.

Dear brother or sister, do not spend so much time thinking about these earthly things - spend your time in fellowship with the Lord. Use your workouts as fellowship-with-the-Lord time, tell others about the important things, take care of your soul by dwelling in your re-enlivened Spirit. May you be sanctified by the Lord Jesus Christ, and may your mind be constantly transformed in Him.

Workouts are a side effect of walking with Jesus, it is something He inspires you to do - to be a temple for Him. It is NOT something on your priority list, it is a part of the journey of walking with Jesus. There's nothing to prioritize, because there's only one thing on our list - Jesus. That’s it. And if you’re completely consumed by Him, you will glorify Him in your body, mind, will, and emotions as He leads you and calls you. There will be no need to plan for workouts, to plan for “thinking time”, or “reading the Word”, there will be no need to “push to the limit” and “be determined” because the Lord will inspire all those things within you and bring them to completion - as it was in the life of Jesus.

Please forgive me for magnifying sport to such an extent, that it may have led some of you to misunderstand the importance of it - it is just a small, extremely small, barely negligible part of a Christian life. My only wish was to show you how to do this small part correctly, efficiently, and without hurting yourself. That was it.

Be blessed,

In Christ,